Who am I? Tough tough question.

First of all, I am a child who never stopped drawing, a teenager who learnt to express herself through art, and a young adult who wants to bring colorful stories and magic to people’s daily life around the world.

In second place, I am also someone who studied illustration and concept art in Barcelona. During the following years, I worked as an illustrator and graphic designer for a video game studio in Paris, and I carried out various freelance projects: from press illustration for magazines, to murals for hostels, music album covers, simple animations or advertising campaigns for town halls. At the same time, I have also held various exhibitions in Barcelona.

My great passion has always been literature and picture book illustration, and I enjoy exploring daily life and fantasy. I’m especially interested in low fantasy and magical realism, and I also like talking about core values like women’s and lgtb community rights, environmental issues, diversity, emotions and history.

In 2024 my two first children’s book, La Baquiol and Fullola, were published by Edita.cat and Editorial Sar Alejandría respectively.


I love mixed media. I would say my favorite technique is watercolor, both traditional and digital, but I also like to experiment with other techniques such as colored pencils, collage, oil painting, among others, depending on the project.


My art is characterized by details, fun and dynamic characters, warm environments, paper textures, watercolors and other traditional techniques. I am quite a perfectionist and versatile artist.


My main skills are drawing and illustration, but my experiences have given me the education and skill set necessary to provide outstanding work that aligns with a variety of roles such as concept artist or graphic designer.